Black Friday for Black Henry

Black Henry

Many of today’s young pop-culture enthusiasts are only familiar with zombies of the modern, “toxic” variety—corpses restored to life as the result of a horrifying virus or radioactive contamination from an exploded space probe. The iconic zombie owes its heritage to a much earlier period, when Haitian slaves invented stories of such a purgatory to prevent them from committing suicide. Continue reading


For fans of speculative fiction, Tom Julian’s Timberwolf is an action-packed yarn with a sobering message

Timberwolf by Tom Julian My rating: 5 of 5 stars For fans of classic science fiction with a modern twist, Thomas Julian’s Timberwolf is an action-packed yarn from cover-to-cover that doesn’t skimp on story, character, or conflict. There are no black hats or white hats in Timberwolf, just varying degrees … Continue reading