La Bella Rosita the Painted Lady

RositaLa Bella Rosita the Painted Lady was billed as “The Most Beautiful Tattooed Woman in the World.” Heavily covered in Maori tattoos and furthered the tradition begun by Cabri by spinning greatly exaggerated tales his of alleged shipwreck, abduction, and eventual acceptance by the natives. Runaway. She claimed that each of her 365 tattoos had a story, a different one for each day of the year.

The designs on Rosita’s skin were created and applied by notorious and revolutionary tattooists like Jack Red Cloud, Charlie Wagner, Joe Van Hart, Tony Rhineager, and Red Gibbons. Tattoos were not in vogue among women of the era. It was even more unusual to find tattoos in such a high concentration on a single human being, never mind on a voluptuous and desirable female body fit for fantasy. While her body was nearly covered with ink, Rosita’s beautiful face was completely untouched.


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