Bess Houdini

BessBess Houdini (January 23, 1876 – February 11, 1943), whose real name was Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner, was the stage assistant and wife of Harry Houdini. Bess was working at Coney Island in a song and dance act called The Floral Sisters when she met Houdini and married him a week later. Bess and Harry worked as The Houdinis for several years before Houdini hit it big as The Handcuff King. But he and Bess continued to perform their signature trick, Metamorphosis, throughout his career. Bess also looked after their menagerie of pets, collected dolls, and made the costumes for Houdini’s full evening roadshow. The Houdinis remained childless throughout their marriage because Bess suffered from a medical condition that prevented her from having children.

Source: Wikipedia


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