Black History Month: Zip the Unsung Hero

Zip the What Is It, whose real name was William Henry Johnson, was a freak show performer famous for his tapered head. Dressing in a suit of hair and sheering most of his head to accentuate its unique shape, barkers would proclaim Zip as a creature from Africa who had lived with the apes. But he was actually born in Liberty Corner, a community located in Bernards Township, New Jersey, in 1842. He was one of six children born to former slaves. Continue reading


Black Friday for Black Henry

Black Henry

Many of today’s young pop-culture enthusiasts are only familiar with zombies of the modern, “toxic” variety—corpses restored to life as the result of a horrifying virus or radioactive contamination from an exploded space probe. The iconic zombie owes its heritage to a much earlier period, when Haitian slaves invented stories of such a purgatory to prevent them from committing suicide. Continue reading


For fans of speculative fiction, Tom Julian’s Timberwolf is an action-packed yarn with a sobering message

Timberwolf by Tom Julian My rating: 5 of 5 stars For fans of classic science fiction with a modern twist, Thomas Julian’s Timberwolf is an action-packed yarn from cover-to-cover that doesn’t skimp on story, character, or conflict. There are no black hats or white hats in Timberwolf, just varying degrees … Continue reading